'being able to swap'

'Thank you guys so much for letting me swap my 0-, first size and newborn clothes for 3-6 mths. I've just moved into a new plave and had to kit it outwith furniture from scratch so being able to swap rather than have to struggle  or ask for donations has been amazing, especially for my dignighty! If anyone, and i mean anyone ,would prefer to swap their clothes


How do I get help? Click on our referral form and we will get back to you .

Is there a charge? No. Everything we give out has been donated to us .

Can I have more than 1 item?  Yes . Complete the referral and if we have the item in we will gladly donate . 

'After speaking to Sue I felt so much better'

"She was lovely, I didn't want to ask but she was so nice nothing was a problem and we got loads for our baby .Everything we needed ."